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Our advertising guarantee

Thank for your interest in advertising with Central Connects Magazine, the local magazine for Portuguese residents, visitors and businesses.

We only accept 5 advertisers for any one kind of business. This means less competition and more opportunity for you.

All advertisers with Central Connects Magazine receive a FREE online Directory listing.

Central Connects Magazine is the only magazine to be delivered FREE to more than 2000 homes and businesses, and is widely recognised for its reputation in sharing relevant and interesting local content and promoting local businesses across all advertising channels.

Our advertising offer

Print advertising works best when seen consistently over time. This means that any advertiser should consider their advertising to be a long-term investment. As a guide, advertisements need to appear consistently for 6-12 months before an advertiser can expect to see results. One-off advertisements usually work best for announcements, one-off events or special offers.

This is one of the reasons why we offer 3, 6 and 12 month campaigns on all advertisements. The longer the campaign, the more economical your advert will be.

A small fee will apply for us to design advertisements. (25 euros)

You can change your advert at any time, although we do suggest that you keep consistent branding and design elements so that your advert is instantly recognisable, even if the message may be a little different each time.

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Advertising Request

Advertising opportunities to reach new customers in a targeted and cost-effective way are available with prices from £35.00 per issue. Call Katie on +351 913150393 email or complete the online enquiry form to receive the up-to-date advertising rates and special offers.

Benefits of Advertising with Central Connects Magazine

  • Central Connects Magazine is filled with interesting articles, useful local information and ‘what’s on’ listings. This encourages people to spend more time reading the magazine and therefore seeing your advert.
  • Local magazines, such as Central Connects Magazine, are seen as a useful source of local information and therefore have a long shelf life.
  • Central Connects Magazine offers great value, with its variety of ad sizes and campaign durations to ensure you make the most of your advertising budget.  **Research shows a sustained campaign works better at increasing sales than one-off ads**  .
  • Central Connects Magazine is the only publication to be delivered directly to homes and businesses in as before
  • Central Connects Magazine is committed to promoting and supporting local businesses and organisations and will always offer free relevant editorial opportunities, subject to the space available and the duration of advertising.

Remember: We only accept 5 advertisements of any one kind!